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I found wasabi cashews in the dollar store on friday. I bought 2 bags and I am loving them. I've only ever had wasabi peas before so I didn't know these even existed! Yuuummmm!

Does your dollar store carry any tasty treats? I would say buying food in the dollar store is pretty trashy :)
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haha my mother co-owns a dollar store!
i have so much crap in my house it's ridiculous!

and she gets mad if i say "i'm not eating that, it's from the dollar store"!

there's been some awesome (and vegan!) things, though. like an asian rice cracker mix that doesn't have any fish in it (every other time i've seen them they have 'bonito powder' listed as an ingredient), accidentally vegan chocolate peanut butter and butterscotch chips, and dill pickle flavoured potato chips that don't have 'whey' listed as an ingredient.

WOW That is AWESOME. I love the dollar store so ...yeah :P
Those dill pickle chips are delicious. I forgot about them!
Two words: Banana chips.