Claudia Kincaid (yrlover) wrote in vegan_trash,
Claudia Kincaid

Trashy spaghetti, trashy cabbage!

Alright, I'm waaaaaaay too busy to turn out some fancy shit for dinner tonight, and plus, I'm rounding out the home base of PMS with a monstrous craving for spaghetti.

Before I run to the store, does anybody have some trashy, delish and cheap tricks for making my spaghetti even more awesome? I'm up for pretty much anything but only have access to a little grocery with no 'natural foods' section (so no seitan or other fanciness).

Oh, and as I must subconsciously get off on combining foods that don't make sense, this will be served with steamed cabbage. I know. It doesn't make a lot of sense, but I've gotta use up all this cabbage as well! So cabbage tips would also rock.
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