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Bachelorette meal #1

I used to live on a tight budget and for a while I had to eat a very strict diet. I basically had to go vegan for health reasons. I lived off of the following recipes and I still make them whenever I am just cooking for myself :) I call these bachelorette meals. This is thanks to a conversation where my boyfriend and I told each other about our trashiest meals that we loved to make before we lived together.

Bachelorette meal #1
Box of couscous (like Near East brand)
Pre-minced garlic from a jar
Smart balance "spread"
Lemon juice
Drained can of garbanzo beans

Mix everything together and eat your giant sadness bowl for one.

Bachelorette meal #2
Yellow rice
Red kidney beans
Tobasco sauce

Instructions: see last recipe. :P
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